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"Wisteria Reflections" Process

"Wisteria Reflections" is the first painting I've ever completed on a wood board. This unique texture made for an interesting painting process as the color absorbs and sits differently than on a traditional canvas. I found myself diluting the acrylic and utilizing it similarly to that of a watercolor, particularly for the sky and in added shading layers. Originally the piece wasn't meant to be as detailed as it is, however, after I added the lined texture in the grass it was a snowball effect. Therefor, as you can see in the progress photos, there are many layers of repeated strokes which is what gives this painting its edge. Moving forward, I plan to incorporate my love for detail in future pieces as the results are striking.

"Wisteria Reflections" Completed

"Ugly" Phase

~ Creating the composition and laying down the base colors. I did create a rough sketch directly on the wood as guidance.

Making A Beautiful Tree

~ Here I added texture and created depth in the tree trunk as well as the grass. this is where the sky began to take form. Besides the completed piece this is my favorite stage because I absolutely love the bare tree look.

MANY Layers Later

~ These photos show a series of layers that make the wisteria flowers. Each dot was individually made in what was a stippling frenzy for days. This was a time consuming process, but well worth it!

"Wisteria Reflections" has found its permanent home on Cape Cod. Please follow my social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram! #CoastalCardinalDesigns. For inquiries and commissions email:

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