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"The Great Mr. Bailey"

Mr. Bailey was a chunky little guy who loved all the good things in life. He crossed Johnny Culhane's path one day on the side of the road. From that moment on they were inseparable. Originally from Ireland, Mr. Bailey traversed the ocean to another island: Nantucket, after Johnny married Kat. It was on Nantucket that he enjoyed the company of other beloved pets, tasty snacks, and daily visits to the beach. He lived a long and very happy life. In honor of the late and Great Mr. Bailey two commissioned pieces were created. One work is a jean jacket painted with acrylics depicting Mr. Bailey at his favorite place. The second piece is a portrait of Mr. Bailey with the sun's light shining from behing him on the beach.

For custom pieces please contact Jessenia Bonet:

Photos of Mr. Bailey!

Kat, Johnny, & Mr. Bailey

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