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Collection at "Keezer's Springfield" 1350 Main St. Springfield, MA

Project type

Paintings, Mixed media





A currently unnamed collection featuring various natural elements and subjects. I've found inspiration over the course of the summer and fall while traveling and hiking. My great love for the outdoors has materialized into an ongoing collaboration with Keezer's classic Clothing: located in Cambridge and downtown Springfield. This collection focuses on utilizing second hand clothing as a painting surface giving new life to something old. Also featured are small paintings on an organic wooden earring base, mostly floral in nature. I've enjoyed painting subjects on canvas bags, so far featuring birds of New England. Bucket hats are also an element of this project as well as traditional canvas and canvas board paintings. To currently view this collection in person visit Keezer's Springfield at 1350 Main Street open Monday-Saturday.
Please note this is an ongoing collection and pieces are added regularly.

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